About Boudoir Photography

Sheer curtains. Feathered bed throws. Plush cushions. Lacy intimates. The scene is set.

Lips a deep stain. Skin flushed. Lashes extended. Hips bare. Hair free. Your body is ready.

As you pose in the comfort of your room – against your headboard, closet doorway, or windowpane – a boldness sweeps over your body. You’ve never felt so exposed, so open, so aware, so...sexy. Your beauty is ripe for the camera.

Boudoir photography is in a class of its own. It is a tool used to highlight a woman’s greatest assets and permit her inner goddess to be revealed in a manner most sensual.

In the very moment that the lens captures your beauty, your layers fall away, and your true sensuality is captured. To be treasured forever.


About your Photographer Lea

It is this rush of excitement and empowerment that draws Lea to her work. A European native, this 30-year-old woman holds dear all things sensual. Living in New York today, Lea channels her European pallette into her appreciation for beauty in the intricate details. The wonderment of it all, the breath that leads to confidence, the shyness that gives way to boldness, and the glam of feminine beauty at its finest, inspires the woman behind the camera daily.

By providing coaching, styling, and beauty services, Lea peels back the layers that may prevent us from revealing our true beauty that we so often keep hidden. In a most respectful, private manner, the photographer enables her subjects to be proud of every dimple, wisp, fold, and curve.

Give Lea a call today and let the dazzlement begin!