The Folie Experience

Derived from the French word folie, which means madness, this creative arts company was built with the goal of providing women with an outlet to let loose, be free and open, and explore beauty and eroticism at their own comfort levels.

The very first interaction with Lea the boudoir photographer is a phone consultation. The second is more intimate with an at-home consultation, during which she peruses your closet and together with you chooses which items are to be featured in your shoot. Should any additional clothing pieces require purchasing, Lea lends her suggestions and supports your individual style. A unique form of coaching is offered; Lea’s clients are made to feel completely comfortable, uninhibited, bold, and sexy.

A Pinterest board is set up to allow for both the client and photographer to share images with one another that will inspire the shoot. Certain focus is directed toward body parts to which the client wants to draw attention, and certain body parts that the client would like to remain unhighlighted are also taken into account.

When the day of the photo shoot arrives, you are in your full radiance. Your facial features have been emphasized with angelic hues and your muscles are relaxed from an expert’s firm touch. Soft music (or hot and heavy R&B, whichever genre teases you just right) plays in the background. With Lea’s keen understanding of your preferences and personality, all you need to do is work it, girl! Give the camera your best pout and sultriest bedroom eyes. We’ve got you.

Finished Product

A few short weeks after your photo shoot, a much anticipated package arrives in the mail. With both care and haste you open it and squeal. Inside you find a silken box hailing all the way from Italy, where romance walks the streets and dines at every corner. Here, in your little Italy, is a treasure...all of you.


Slit open, unwrap, and uncover. Within is a stack of sturdy photographs, each revealing another aspect of yourself that enthralls you. With whom will you share this gift of special memories? That is completely up to you. You are sure to treasure this chest of dazzling seduction for eternity.